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It's now the Spring of 2018 and I'm getting a new project underway - okay, a business; formatting and preparing books for publishing (on Amazon). So if you've written something - be it a diary, autobiography, novel, a non-fiction self help book, anything really and want it up there, professionally published and for sale - go to my site; and I'll give you a quote that will cover everything from initial proof reading, through cover design to a professionally finished product, published and up for sale on the Amazon sites (now the planet's biggest publishers) as a paperback copy, a Kindle eBook, and if you want, an Audio book - and of course, you stay in control at every stage...!

I also author books - it's a secret life when you sit down to write; you're a thousand miles away in a moment and to a country populated by people open to your scrutiny as it never is in the grind of back-there, day to day reality...

I have three books out at the moment, two are thrillers (both out on Amazon and co-authored by Anne Harling). One is called Deadly Duplicity and the other, Murder under the Sun* and both are whodunits set in the expat communities on the coast of south east Spain. With murder, mystery and money as bait - they're full of twists and deceits with, of course, a final denouement that should have you on the edge of your seat (unless you're reading it in bed).

They're available as paperbacks for normal hard-copy book readers and also on Kindle for those who prefer eBooks (download the free kindle app to any tablet, computer or suitable phone) from both Amazon sites ( & - and please, if you do read them, let us know what you think, either here on the Talk To Me page or leave a more public review on their respective Amazon pages...

I have a third book out, called Down Mexico Way. It's a 400+ page diary I kept in 1991 while captain of a rig (tug & tow) hauling grain from the Mississippi River and the Houston Ship Canal, down to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Very low quality grain, the Yanks were dumping it in Mexico, ostensibly to feed cattle although, inevitably, it often ended up in the local shops...!

Anyway, this was a rig so very illegal, only the Mexicans could have got away with it, breaking all the rules and then some! It was also a laugh a minute - when not screaming with fright! You can get it on both and

I will also soon have a memoir out soon. It's to be called A HIGHLAND BOY and it's from when I was born on a Highland sheep farm in 1936 - right through to the early eighties, covering going off to sea in 1953. Getting married in 1961 (she threw me out in 1968) then ten years flying as an airline navigator (until the arrival of the inertial navigation system made us redundant) and going back to sea in 1975. This memoir ends in the early eighties after a life-changing afternoon when I got drunk in a bar in Chelsea, it was 1979 and woke up the next morning to discover I'd bought a bar in southern Spain - which turned out to be a three storey, fourteenth century historic listed building. I'd spend the next forty years there - on and off...but that's another story!

* a rewrite of a previous book of mine called; The Odd Job Woman

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