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We give you a quote to professionally publish your book as a paperback and on Kindle, then put it up for sale on Amazon - and all for one fixed price...!

Until recently, publishing had been all but out of reach of the ordinary person! Not anymore! Two recent events have turned it on its head – the advent of POD or Publishing on Demand and then, even more revolutionary, the introduction of the eBook! 

Before then, publishing was a closed shop, only the most assiduous of outsiders could penetrate it – and then at a great cost, as the big publishers, in association with literary agents, were charging up to seven times as much as the charges now levied on the modern writer – which is why big publishing is a husk of its former self, now mainly reduced to turning out the facile ghost writings of celebrities and a few, remaining, well established authors.

So, what were these two big events, that turned publishing on its head – and made it accessible to the man – or woman, in the street?

First there was Publishing on Demand, where advances in technology allowed each individual book to be produced as it is ordered and paid for, replacing the necessity of cramming warehouses with books, in the often distant hope they’d all sell one day. Now a book is only printed and sent off to the buyer, once it is bought and paid for, and not before – which took a lot of the guessing out of publishing, making it much more economic.

Then along came the eBook (or the Kindle, as Amazon’s version is called). An eBook remains an online file that, when bought, is transferred over the net, to be downloaded by the buyers to a Pad, Smartphone or computer - and read there! This is clearly the future of publishing - with the younger generations, all brought up to read on screen!

What is the downside of all this to the modern writer? Well, to begin with, they had to sell and promote their own books – but even this necessity is receding as modern book sellers like Amazon (now the biggest book publishers) have also taken over the promotion and selling of books published under their auspices…!  

But you, the writer must first turn your writing into book form; all that proofing and checking, chapter layout and formatting, image insertion, cover design, etc. etc. - all the complex stuff, must all be done first!

That’s where we come in. We do it all for you – and then put your book up for sale on all the Amazon sites - and as a Kindle, as well. And all for a single, fixed price, agreed with you up front, at the start – so there aren't any unpleasant surprises later!

Those writing fiction, might want to publish it under the Domain;